Friday, January 20, 2012

Colour Blind

Hye peeps. Just drop by and wrote something on my blog today. Not feeling very well since I have to write and share something that not very cool about me yo!! Ya, I am colour blind person. Do believe. but hey! Im still can be able to analyse each colour one by one and Im not fully COLOUR BLIND. 

I had been done medical check up twice and everytime its come to the colour blindness test, Im very worry enough since I dont know what am I going to answer back to the doctor when they showed to me the colour dot-dot test. *sigh*  Hate that since I love colours so much. 
Why do they have to do that test ryte? Maybe its just me who hate the test, since I cant answer it very well. For sure, you out there know how to answer it well enough. Its shameful even sometimes people say it COOL! oh, so cool bebeh! 

Color blindness is a common eye condition that makes it difficult to distinguish certain colors. A person that is color blind often experiences problems determining colors like yellow, red, blue or green. Color blindness refers to a deficiency in the way you see color, and not any form of blindness.

There is no cure for color blindness and most adults with this vision impairment from birth live without any major discomfort or disadvantages. However, there are cases where additional damage to the retina by aging or disease has led to almost complete color blindness. ( No cure people! No cure! )

For you information, the 'dot-dot' colour blindness test was known as Ishihara plates, also known as pseudoisochromatic plates, were created by Dr. Shinobu Ishihara for the Japanese army. This type of color-blind test is one of the most common, notes Discovery Health. Ishihara's original plates have been modified to use numbers instead of Japanese characters, and they look like a group of color dots with a number in the middle made with different colored dots. To individuals who are color-blind, the plates look like just a group of dots; they cannot distinguish the number inside.
 It must be all of you know what is mention by ishihara plates. Check this one!


All of this dot-dot colours is the one called ISHIHARA PLATES. 
Ya, I cannot exactly read all the numbers behind the colours since its very hard for me to recognize it. Oh my! can somebody help me out? I can just read the number 25 above and for the rest, sorry I cant make it. Maybe you can do the test too peeps! ( mana taw, ada jugak yg colour blind like me huh! ) 
For the answer, check out this link >> Answer for the Ishihara Plates
Colourblindness can be divided into many types actually. It can be :

Normal color vision which uses all three types of light cones correctly is known as trichromacy and people with normal color vision are known as trichromats.

This type of color blindness is characterized by a loss of green vision and distortion of vision in the red-yellow-green part of the spectrum.

This type of color blindness is characterized by a tendency to confuse reds and greens and by a loss of sensitivity to red light.

This type of color blindness is characterized by a lowered sensitivity to blue light resulting in an inability to distinguish blue and yellow.

And maybe, i was categorized as the PROTANOPIA colourblindness since its hard for me to recognize between red and green sometimes. But! not most of the time. I am not fully colour blind that badly okay.
I do hope, theres a cure for this disease since I dont think it was totally cool to be colour blind. :'(
( Lepas ni nak fall in love with eye doctor. Maybe they can find some cure for me ryte. Teehee! ) 

Answer : Colorblind individuals should see nothing. Color normal individuals should see a "faint" brown boat.
Can you see any of this things at the Dot-dot above?? Can you?
(*sigh* I cant see anything! )

For more link that related to colour blind :

Thats all for my sharing this time. Thanks for reading.

p/s: It don't matter if you're black
White or yellow, if you're brown or red
Let's get down to that
Love is color-blind.

Hye. Im using spek mata super duper besar! special for colourblind person only!


  1. hahaha. hey! aku budak coklat a.k.a eka elyana bt junaide: mengolok ko~! cubit karang! huhu. sedih ni. ada pulak saya yg buta warna kan. :( huhu

  2. thats is colourblind so u r lovely person hihihi...

  3. aynie: hahai. lovely la sgt. kamek buta warna. jadi x lovely suda. :(

  4. oh baru tahu nama dia ishihara plates

    dah tu camne ek dengan mereka yang confuse antara red dan green tu kat traffic light ? o.o *wondering*

  5. little dolphin: erm. =) kalau da smpai tahap kritikal tu, mmg org yg totally colorblind x dpt nak drive la. kesian kan. tpi, so far, Alhamdulillah, saya x smpai tahap kronik mcm tu lgi. so i can still clearly recognised whether lampu tu green or red. oh my! semoga x jdi lebi worse. :)

  6. uim?? zal pun nampak 25 tu je.. tapi masa ambil lesen dulu masa ujian, zal hantam2 keseluruhan betul but salah 2 ja hahahaha lucky


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