Friday, January 13, 2012

Its Time to say Good Bye

 Every goodbye makes the next hello closer.
Boarding pass!! But, why must the passport be there? Perlu ke? (-_-)
First of all, just wanna say, Alhamdulillah. I'd finished my final exam for this particular semester. 
Can u imagine, how happy I am ryte now? Since im heading off back to my hometown today! Yaiy! 
7 Papers for final exam exactly makes my life totally changed this few weeks. Oh my! But, nothing to be regret, since we gonna get back what we already give. Im hoping for the flying colours result. Ya, do hoping. =)
Its just that, I feel its too fast to be in this position. I mean to be ended my semester 3 this fast and I still can flash back my memory when I was entered university life in 1st semester. Everything seems to be new. 
(Jakun katanya) With new friends, new lifestyle, new place to go, and everything seems its just happen last night. 

My sleepmate! Tunggu i comeback nanana.. =)

Every programs runs here makes me learn more! =)
So far, semester 3 run smoothly its just that this semester seem to be a bit short rather than other semesters before. Cant wait for the next semester to come. =) Cant wait for the next journey to write on my life. Cant wait for the next adventure that I might face in semester 4. Cant wait for everything and InsyaAllah Im gonna finished my study soon. (Tak sabar nak grade sebab tak sabar nak dapat 27 bouquet of flowers! Tamak!)
Studying is fun. Do believe even its hard to believe. Because someday, we gonna miss this moment so much. So much. and maybe it will come down to tears when we remember all the memory back. Tak semua orang ada universiti life yang menarik. Well, life will continuosly to be cycle. Sometimes its fun enough, but sometimes its just that we feel that we gonna run away from this place. 
Ermm, to all friends, do have a good semester break yo! Have fun and spend times with your family wisely. Masanya untuk release tension and do what are the things left before.
(e.g: update your blog, salah satunya. Ngee.)

Kunci bilik chomey DPP Proton. 
 Pesanan untuk ex-rumet pulak. =) Cik Nor Alfi Laili, thanx for being my roomate for this semester. I love we both put in a room to be together. Ada chemistry even u are my junior and i'm ur senior. senior sgt! since you always keep on calling me KAK DEWI! Haishh.. hee. Thanks for all the moments gila2 we done inside our room. Thanx for being a beautician for me. Hey, we sometimes do facial dlm bilik you know. Thanx for being easily mixed around with my hilarious friends especially Hera & Fiera. Thanx for being my friends and keep asking so many things to me sampai kadang-kadang tak terjawab mak dibuatnya. Ow ya, hampir terlupa, do say thanx to ur mom sebab post the 'tempe' to you and you should thanx me back since im the one yg paling banyak makan 'tempe' itu. Hope we can still be a roomate for next semester. Hope! Hee. I love you! No choice, u have to love me back Laili! Hahaa :')

My name is Dewi & she was my rumet; Laili. =)
Do pray for my travel back to my hometown ya. =) Semester 4, wait for me to come! =)
Thanks for reading. 

p/s: Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!
My KucenBucuk! dia ikot balek sabah ok since we cannot be put apart! okbai.


  1. alo cewit jee

    balek elok2 awak ! :)

  2. jgn tinggal dakuuu....hihi...semoga selamat sampai k...

  3. spongebob tetap di hati ! dewi dewii hmmp.

  4. EL: hehe. cewit la konon2. :p baek, will have a safe journey, insyaAllah. =)

    AYNIE: daku terpaksa tinggalkanmu.. hehe.. amin2.. =)

    NIESA: haip! harusla.. spongebob tomey2.. hehe

    NUREENINA: suda2.. aci la mcm tu.. hehe


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