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As'salam. =)
                   Suddenly felt that im into updating my blog again. Being so 'rajeeeen' to update my blog this few days. Ok, with no motives but just to mentioned that Im currently more in love with blogging world. Maybe because of my other behalf of friends yang ada dekat Sintoque Blogger. (^_^) Yaiy!! And we already have our own t-shirt specially design ok. Canteq. And soon to be, will publish a story about our photoshoot together-gether (broken english.ignore) if jadi laaa. And hopefully jadi laa photoshoot tu. =)
Oww ya, back to the main topic. Harini im freaking excited to share some GOOGLE DOODLE's. (Pronouce properly please) Do you know what is GOOGLE DOODLE is? Let me terangkan sikit2 laa naaa. =) 
GOOGLE DOODLE means... means.. errr.. means.. I just dont know the exact meaning but in my opinion it is something to show about what happening around the world in GOOGLE eyes. Hehehe.. Is it? (Kalau salah, do correct me ok) But, its not that Google produce its Doodle everyday laa. Because sometimes it just come out the original Google symbol when we find for it. =) Ni naaah the original Google symbol.
Taken from Google image. Hehe.
Do you realise it, when suddenly you open up your Google search engine, then comes out DOODLE comel2 tu with beautiful design on it? I think korang realise kot. Especially for those yang selalu guna encik Google to search anything. For example, cari info 'bout your assignment then copy paste it! Ooopss.. (o_0) not me but most of the times it could be me. Hahaha. Gotcha! 

This particular thing will come out and help to do ur assignment and its call Google search engine. (Ye ke?) Hehe

Then, I thought all of you already know what is exactly GOOGLE DOODLE's is. =) Base on the picture above, (ayat skema) theres a picture in your head already about how Google Doodle's looks like kan. =)
At first, I thought it could be just the Google person suka-suki tukar those Google punye tulisan. Unfortunately, im totally wrong! (T_T) and its change because theres a meaning for the symbol changes. 
 Ok, lets views some picture for Google Doodle that I stole from Google jugak la. Ngee..

Malaysia Independence Day 2011
That was the caption given by Google. =) Exactly this doodles come out on 31st August 2011 on Merdeka Day. And we currently having our Hari Raya Aidilfitri at the same time and thats why Mr.Google put some Ketupat beside the our Malaysian Flag. Pandai kan dorang? Hahaha. Even its looks simple, but got the meaning on it. =) Thumbs up!
Indonesia Independence Day 2011
Ow ya. And this doodles is for Indonesian independence day on August 17th. Negara jiran kita. My grandma n grandpa country on behalf of my father. =) I dont know what is the motive when Mr.Google put gambar budak kecik, baldi and what so ever on this doodle but the Indonesian flag do show us it was created for indonesian ryte. Maybe theres a meaning for it. Korang cari sendiri la ye. =)

Dont get wrong. Ini bukan Google Doodle. Hehe. This one is Charlie Chaplin. Pelawak tanpa suara itu. =)
 Do you know whos Charlie Chaplin? Ok, dia da ada zaman kita tak ada lagi kot. Except zaman our mothers, fathers, nenek, atok n so on. =) as far as i know, Charlie Chaplin was a Joker without voice. Its just by his action people can exactly laugh 'till dead. Hehe.
Charlie Chaplin, considered to be one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood, and he lived an interesting life both in his films and behind the camera. He is most recognized as an icon of the silent film era. 
And Mr.Google also had made one Doodles on behalf of 122nd Birthday of CHARLIE CHAPLIN. Woah!! 
Kalau korang nak tengok doodles 'bout Charlie chaplin that was created by Mr.Google, Just go and click this link ya. =) Charlie Chaplin Birthday Doodle sebabnye, doodles for him was created different from others doodles. It was in video format. =)

Can you guest what are this doodle for? 
Actually, it was for the New years day for 2011. " For New Year's Eve and New Year's Day 2011, we celebrated with a festive doodle that makes a pun on the Latin numerals for 2011, MMXIE", Said Mr.Google. Then, we understand what are those weird consonant put there for ryte. =)
This doodles created for Thomas Edison birthday.
Korang kenal tak whos Thomas Edison is?
"... Thomas Edison was more responsible than any one else for creating the modern world ....  No one did more to shape the physical/cultural makeup of  present day civilization.... Accordingly, he was the most influential figure of the millennium...."  
The Heroes Of The Age: Electricity And Man
See, hows informative googles doodles is ryte. Setiap doodles yang mereka buat, mesti ada cerita di sebaliknya. =) And this is what Mr.Google said bout this doodles.
"As celebrators of all things and persons innovative, it doesn't get much more "well duh!" as doing a doodle for Thomas Edison, inventor and patent-holder of many things! Among those things, of course, is the first commercially produced light bulb, and a form of the telegraph machine (fun fact: this one types out "G" in morse code)".

So far, on my birthday which is 27th April, the Doodles come out like this.
Colourfull kan?? Just like me. =)
See? How cute this doodle created for me. Hehe. Perasan lebey! Actually it was created for the FREEDOM DAY 2011. I dont know what its exact meaning but I find its really suits me. Colourfull gitu. =) They should rename the doodles and put it as Dewi's Birthday kan. Lol. Hehe. 
 Too many doodles I already shared for this entry this time. If you want to know more, Just type Google Doodles on search engine and it will pop out in a few seconds. =) Then, you can browse through it and getting know many other doodles created by Mr.Google. Exactly, you can find the doodles konon-konon created for you just like mine. Hahaha. =D 
Ok, thats all for this entry.
Thanks for reading peeps. ^_^
Lets spread Love. Bubye!!

p/s: Will wait for the next doodle come out on 27th April 2012. Yeeehaaa.


  1. uih lama x singgah blog dewi .. cun la .. cantek header hehe

  2. Kak idah, siapala saya ni. bukan hanis zalikha mcm yg selalu kak idah lawat tu.. :p ehehe.. header itu hasil buatan tgn 10 jari. hakcipta terpelihara. hehe


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