Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh! PhotoShoot!!

This is just a  teaser. Ngeee... ^_^
Hye peeps. Its been a loooooooooooong time since I dint update my ‘kecian blog’. T_T (Do ignore) Haippp! I’d been quite busy and its not just quite busy but its really totally freaking busy! Assignment, Programs, Lectures and what so ever… (Don’t Lie!) Yeah, I dun tell a lie. Believe it or not, its up to you. Hehe. Ok  back to the Topic Sentence (waaa, topic sentence, like studying Process writing.. T_T) Ok2, I just want to update ASAP as I can as I know theres toooooo many spider web all around my blog ryte now. 
(Please leave my blog yaa Mr Spider.) Im on my way to updating it now.

Have you ever been thinking to be a model one day?? Just like the 
American Next Top Models!! I mean, the one whos gonna pose till ‘pengsan’ in front of the cameras.. camewhore!! Auwwww! That’s me.. Hehehe.. ok2, I’d been experiencing it before and thanx to my Photography Technology Lecturer ; En.Samsudin Oli, since he gave us opportunity to do our shooting task for a model. Ow ya, theres must be 4 person in one group. Luckily I am, have to be mix and be a group with 3 chinese boys; Jake, Alex and Kevin. Teheee…. :p Lol. Then, the person whos gonna be bullied and become the model for my group, no other else, except the innocence NURAFTINA DEWI. That was me! Hahaha… But its very fun enough to be a model and being shoot by the semi-pro photographer. Hahahaha… They keep on giving an order to me till I get bllured. (o_0) Its hard to be a model yo! But recently, I can give a good pose ( even not that good actually ) but we are satisfied with our group works.. ^_^  
All the pictures taken was around UUM yaaa. 
Do believe our campus have a very good sight seeing landscape. ^_^ 
Ok, lets review some pictures below.

'Tangga' is the best choice to shoot photo. :p
Dont stare at me like that. Hahaha

1..2..3.. model & photographer count together!
Teeeheee... My 'warna-warni' umbrella. Was given by sum1.

Ok, thats my shoes. 
As a conclusion, as what you see, you can simply judge how ‘kesian’ the photographer because choose me as their model. I cant give a very good pose actually but girl love camwhore! Hahaha.. Then it all happen just like that. Too many pictures were taken actually. But, I cant put it all in my blog in case this story cant be load easily. T_T So, I just put the selected pictures to show. Hehe.

We finish the photoshoot just around two and a half hour. Thanks God since the weather was practically calm and the sun simply ‘shy-shy cat’ to strike its UV light even I keep complaining about the weather for that day. :p
Thanks for reading people. (^_^)

p/s: I Can be a good model (I guest!) but I prefer to be a good photographer more! Hehehe..
Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. “ – Matt Hardy


  1. wah.tak ajak pun.nak join photoshoot jugak.huhu

  2. shauqi azmi : nak jugak ye?? hehe.. ok2, bole2.. lain kali, lepas exam.. lalala :p

  3. nak la.nak jugak perasan jadi model.hahah.lepas exam?kalau takde,sy rosakkan camera tuh. =P

  4. haha... besh taw perasan jadik model.. :p syok2 sendiri.. eh! jahat! tabouleh kasi pecah kamera. :p

  5. hehe.sian.syok sendiri ye?takpela.sila la syok sendiri puas2.heh.kalau takde gambar sy,mmg tak lame la kamera tu bole pakai =P

  6. shauqi azmi: eh2... jgn nak sumpah2 kamera kita...:p coooooooobit kang!! haiishh.....


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